Between your world and mine 

There’s a wall, a transparent one that divides us 

Between words, spaces, expressions, languages, idioms – it exists. 
Day by day, it becomes stronger,  

The wall decides the civilised and uncivilised, raw and polished, emotional and practical. 
It rules, supremely across: expectations, behaviour, decorums, protocols


What is said, is never meant or done. A farce, yet the wall is cemented each day. 
Between our minds, thoughts and aspirations, us 

In totality, there exits a wall. It’s silent presence scraps the wounds.  
Norms, traditions, beliefs and principles binds it, holds it, lest it may fall

The wall; cracked, old, moist, nearly-dead yet alive. 
Driven by actions, ruled by mind, 

The eternal, immortal wall, between your world and mine, it stands!


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