Dear Suman… 

Coloured plate of veggies show her austerity,

She can change a dumb mannequin into a repository.

At 5’2″, she truly stands tall,  

For at 16, she learned and learned it all. 

Various counties, different cuisines,

Suman travelled alone, following passions and dreams. 

Because it was at 16, 

That her handwritten letter was delivered by an Air India pilot,

Informing her dad that she was safe in London.

Bold, headstrong, kind and gentle.

Passionate and sincere, she even tried handshakes with Jews,

Suman was a lone lady to strike deals at the 9th Avenue! 

Her small specs hide her microscopic eyes,

Within her, a quiet ocean of knowledge lies. 

Small cute feet have treaded all along,

From, Canadian Times to B&H, eBay and Sears. 

And you bet she’s still strong! 

Often you hear her say, ‘And you know? You know?’ 

She leaves you gasping for more and more. 

Her disciplined childhood and explorative zeal,

Gives her magnetic charm and charismatic appeal.

With a satchel and laptop bag to the right,

Suman always makes the office space bright! 
–Miss you Suman

    Stay blessed wherever you are…


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