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On a crowded platform

I walked, on a crowded platform
All alone
Faces lost, in the sea of time.
Trying to decipher dissimilar – actions and expressions
I knew they were watching me,
All four sides, complete and occupied
I am no different, just the clothes are little queer and tongue a little weird
I see they like to speak,
But they never talk to me
Between us silences create a line
That defines me and them!
I walked again, on the crowded platform
All alone
Trying to find myself…

Thank You Maa!

When I fell, you held me tight,

When I cried, you wiped my tears

You would gauge my restlessness by my voice.

You fed me, when I was not hungry,

I was alone, without friends, but you were there

You were up before sunrise, and I reached school on time.

When I told you about my first and last break-up,

You told me I shouldn’t be crying for those who do not care

I learnt how to value relations and yet be positive, from you maa.


It was my turn to look after you, 
to hold you, when you fell

Support you, Nurse you, Feed you and Wash you

Was it a cleansing ritual or a role reversal?

Between two souls it was communicated silently.

After thirty-eight days you walked out of the hospital, without an assistive support

My admiration for your fighting spirit, maa increases day by day.

I have learnt that you can be me but I can never be you.

— Dedicated to my mother on her 61st Birthday!

An Alternative

We met, we spoke, and we connected well.

And then we met again, with feelings strong that wouldn’t quell

We touched, kissed and hugged each other.

As if there was nothing in this world that would bother

Then there came a time, when things were replaced.

There was dislike (the time, days, minutes, and seconds) and distaste

Dried, tanned, rough, brown – marks on the beach,

Left by wayward waves, language lost with the speech


Reduced. A beautifying wall painting to a poster.

There was an alternative and an old proprietor…